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Welcome to Truthhunter.info


The focus of this site is a search for truth. It is probably a futile chase, as I shall illustrate with a small tale. Recently I had an epiphany. I had long noticed that Homo sapiens, far from being sapiens, is in fact dumber than a sponge. But why this creature with the large, active brain should be so stupid I could not divine.


Then one day I was reading a newsletter from an environmental group. It said that the African pangolin is endangered partly because people kill it and burn its scales to “keep lions away.” After a moment of amazed revulsion, I realized that this vivid example of monumental human ignorance revealed the law I was seeking, to wit:


“Man is the stupidest of all the species upon the Earth because he alone makes up ridiculous crap, teaches it to his young, and burns people at the stake for daring to question it. All the other species know very little, but EVERYTHING they know is true. Ninety-nine percent of what the human race ‘knows’ is bullshit.”


Educated people who are cautious about what they do and don’t know may whittle that to 95 percent, but it is virtually impossible to do better than that. Nevertheless, I believe it is possible by diligent study and thought to chop through some of the baloney and get closer to the truth. And that is better than to blandly embrace the lies. Hence this search. And closely tied to it is a struggle for freedom and justice that is at least as elusive as the one for truth.


Despite the discouraging prospects, I trust that herein the open-minded reader – for this is a website built on words, not images – who shares my quixotic penchants will find some novel and useful ideas.


Harry Noyes

San Antonio, Texas